Enterprise Support is Changing

The market is evolving, and you have an opportunity to be at the front.

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The Enterprise Support Market is Evolving

The market is growing. National Enteprise Network members have seen a surge in demand for enterprise support services. But as you know, that's only half the picture - there are more and more providers out there, competing harder, for less funding.

More Applicants for Your Programmes

The broad range of businesses you support means there's a large target market out there - but it also means the bulk of the people you're working with are not "numbers people". There's nothing wrong with that, but you need to know that they're put-off by spreadsheets and calculations.

Imagine the difference it makes when they're deciding between two support providers:

  1. An organisation that directly addresses their numbers barrier by providing an intuitive tool to transform their passion and idea into a viable business forecast.
  2. An organisation that gives them a spreadsheet template to hack through.

There's no contest - and why would there be? One provider understands them and has provided a package to ensure they get the same insight that their maths-loving competitors get. The other... doesn't.

Remove the Indirect Costs

If you add-up the costs of your "free" spreadsheet template you'll find finanscapes pays back in under an hour:

Increase YOUR Performance

"The problem for small firms isn't an absence of money, it's an absence of time and advice". That's a direct quote from one of Lord Young's speeches to an Enterprise Centre conference in October 2014 and reflects the changing goverment focus. It's no longer about startups and access to funding, it's about growth. That's where jobs come from: one third of private sectors jobs are with companies started in the last 15 years!

With the changing face of support funding your proposition has to stand out from the crowd and go further to drive growth.

Better-informed decisions mean a stronger business - and you'll need no persuading that an understanding of the numbers is absolutely central to success.

Once your clients understand what their cash flow forecast and profit could look like they will drive the demand for your support - pushing to get the most from your seminars. Everything you already offer, from marketing to pricing to cost management, becomes a high value service and they better appreciate the importance of your expertise.

No matter how familiar it is to you, that spreadsheet is putting people off understanding their business - and that's a powerful lesson you don't want to teach.

Reduce Your Risk

A new threat is emerging in business support - a threat that has cost another advice industry billions of pounds, and their reputation, in the last 10 years.

The Financial Services Industry failed to provide its clients with the information and tools they needed to understand the cost and value of the insurance they were taking-on, and have paid a heavy price.

High business failure and startup loan default rates suggest it may be just a matter of time before the same hits the business support industry. Are you "going the extra mile" to make sure they understand their numbers, or are you exposed to claims that your clients just went through the motions on their business finances?

Win More Bids

With competition growing and funding reducing, it's more important than ever to make your bids stand-out. Finanscapes has already helped other EAs secure ERDF and other enterprise funding over stiff competition.

Would you like to be bidding against a provider offering this sort of value-add?

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