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Lower Your Costs, Increase Your Value-Add

You know how important the numbers are. The life-time value of a client is tied to their understanding their business and making smart decisions. Account software may help them look back, but how do you help them look to the future?

Attract New Clients

All accountants claim to offer a great service with no jargon and insight that will make their clients more successful. But how many go beyond that standard content on their websites and offer a real, genuine value-add like Finanscapes?

We can white-label the tool so that it integrates with your website to reinforce just how different you are, and why your prospects shouldn't even consider the next Google result or recommendation they've had.

Help Your Clients Succeed

Whether you're taking-on clients as startups or established businesses, the fundamentals are all-important. You'll be able to diagnose issues and opportunities by looking through their company accounts - but then what?

Before they make decisions or changes you and they will want to run-the-numbers. See what impact it would have on their business if they put the prices up 10% but lost 5% of their sales... And it's far better if the client is empowered to do it - then they own the decision.

But that's where the power in your accounting software stops. It's great for looking back, but the forecasting functionality is either non-existent or weak.

Enter Finanscapes - designed especially for forecasting, and built so that your clients can take control, while you support them remotely online. When they truly own the numbers, see the impact and appreciate the value of your support, great things happen.

Move to Higher Value-Add

Once your clients have started interacting with your Finanscapes, entering their business data and taking real value from the tool you're providing, how long will it be before they're seeking your advice and benefiting from your business expertise, not just your accounting skills?

The sooner you show them the value of your experience and move your service away from commodity accounting the less likely they will be to look elsewhere, and the faster their business will grow.

Reduce Your Costs

Consider your startup support package as an example: How much time do you spend going back and forth with the client, asking for information, updating formulae and explaining tables of data? Despite the up-front charge you're probably running a very low margin - or none at all.

Give your client Finanscapes and not only will they be grateful for the power and insight you've given them, but your costs will be slashed. No more protracted meetings teasing different sorts of costs and purchases out of them, explaining how important the data will be. Short-cut to the high value-add tasks like advising on the market or showing the impact of an extra staff member.

Join The Revolution

Cloud accounting software has revolutionised book-keeping and the backward-looking view of the numbers. Finanscapes is doing the same for forecasting.

So when clients are reviewing other Accountants, would you like to be the one with the innovative, growth-boosting value-add, or... not?

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