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For our members, looking to use this tool with their clients means a potential reduction in their costs but will increase their client’s growth rates.

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Benefits Throughout your Value-Chain

Finanscapes doesn't just help businesses. It helps you to help them, with a dedicated mentor console and live access to your clients' latest plans. They do better, so you do better.

Attract More Clients

The vast majority of your clients aren't "numbers people". They dislike spreadsheets and calculations - that's not why they got into business. If you spend just a few pounds to enhance your offering with Finanscapes you would stand-out in a crowded market and tackle one of the biggest fear-factors for your clients.

Reduce Your Costs

You spend a significant amount of time and effort helping your businesses to get to grips with their numbers. Give them Finanscapes to take away the barriers - and not only will you reduce your costs, they'll better appreciate the higher-values services you offer like advice and seminars.

See your clients' latest plans online at any time - even updating them remotely. Use expensive face-to-face meetings for higher-value mentoring rather than basic forecasting queries.

Improve Their Performance

Your KPIs will be influenced - directly or indirectly - by the survival and growth rates of your client businesses. Giving them the ability to forecast, run scenarios and try out different ideas in a safe and intuitive tool - and see the impact on your success.

Reduce Your Risk

Financial Services organisations have paid a heavy price for providing advice in the last decade. Customers took out insurances without fully understanding what they were getting into - and the banks are still paying.

If you provide advice to your clients - particularly if it results in a business loan or other funding - you should provide them with the tools and information they need to truly understand the numbers and what they're taking on.

Easier for You, Easier for the Client, Easier for Your Funders

Giving your entrepreneurs a tool that allows them to take ownership of their forecast pays dividends for them, you and your funders.

Forecasts published in Finanscapes are permanently available online, locked down in a standardised format and with full access to the same performance indicators that are helping the entrepreneur to build a stronger business.

Check out this quick video showing you just how easy it is to review a forecasting published using finanscapes.

View a Real Published Forecast

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