Spinout, Startup or Community Impact?

It All Comes Down to the Same Commercial Realities: Cash Flow and Profit

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Drive Awareness and Engagement

Whether it's an academic spinout, a creative student startup or a local community business it all starts the same way: with an idea. Students, academics and the local business ecosystem generate a whirlwind of fantastic ideas - but the majority never see the light of day because specialists in a discipline aren't necessarily specialists in enterprise.

Of course you'll be adversiting your enterprise unit, but are you tackling the real barrier? Potentially great ideas never reach your door because the owner assumes it's too hard to turn it into a business, and they don't want to feel exposed by coming to ask.

Break-through the visibility barrier by offering a tool that lets people "run the numbers" on their business - anonymously, using your intranet. Once the ball is rolling and they're thinking about commercialising they'll start to see the relevance of your enterprise offering and will have a starting point to discuss with you without feeling they're out on a limb.

Inspire and Commercialise

A business lives or dies by the numbers - and your enterprise support services will be built around them too. Your experts, associations and seminars will revolve around commercialising the idea and making it pay - whether it's validating the market, seeking funding or managing profitability.

Deliver on Your KPIs

The vast majority of your clients aren't "numbers people". They dislike spreadsheets and calculations - and unfortunately there just aren't enough people on the accountanting degree to carry the numbers!

But if you reduce the barriers to get them connected with your enterprise team, integrate the various support strands together and focus the process around commercialisation you can make a step-change in the number of businesses you support.

More businesses, supported by experts, focussing on making a profit will drive every one of your KPIs up - and all for the cost and effort of signing-up for a cloud software tool.

Connect Ideas with Expertise

Ideas come from all sort of places - your student enterprise society, research departments or the local community. And there are few places with more expertise than a University.

Create a hub at the centre - a central tool that allows anyone to run the numbers on an idea, and receive support from an experienced mentor or adviser.

No blockers, no errors, no issues.

Rapid Payback

Finanscapes's very low unit-cost means your investment will pay back quickly, for each and every business you give it to.

Increase your impact, reduce your costs.

Low Unit Price

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