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We're specialists in simplifying financial software. And the Finanscapes team is carefully balanced to do more than just numbers.

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Finanscapes is a run by a team of specialists. Numbers, testing and technology are just one part.

Brain scans show that one quadrant of your brain is naturally far more efficient, running cooler and using as little as 1/100th of the energy required to process information. Each quadrant is adapted to a particular sort of activity.

If you're lucky enough to be naturally creative and innovative or good with people and building trust then numbers aren't your thing.

The great news is our team works relentlessly to make sure Finanscapes is easy for everyone - and we couldn't do it if we had a team full of numbers people!

Meet the Team

James Fellows: Founded Eighth Wonder Ltd and launched Finanscapes in 2011

Company Founder: James Fellows

After 10 years as a senior manager in some of biggest and best-known names in financial services I started my own business. Our top priority was, and still is, to make technology to step-up to the mark and take away "the numbers barrier".

We benefited enormously from being part of an incubator programme. There was no shortage of help, advice and spreadsheet templates. But for many the problem was psychology. We all shy-away from things we don't like, and for most people that includes their business numbers.

That's why Finanscapes is so important, and why we've made it totally free. Better-informed decisions mean a stronger business, and NO entrepreneur should be left to sleep-walk into a difficult time in their business.

The Specialists

Many of the team are associates - people who don't just make Finanscapes great but run their own specialist businesses too. It's a great model - we get the best skills from people who do this all day long, and without the fixed costs:

Katie Cory

Web and Print Design: Katie Cory

Creatives may not have much fun with the numbers, but numbers people can't do beautiful design! First impressions count, so design is fantastically important - whether online or offline. Check out my other work at KatherineCory.com.

Greg Bowler

Tech: Greg Bowler

Choose the right technologies for the job, and use them as they were designed to be used. That's why Finanscapes works so well. I wrote the PHP.Gt web technology framework to make it easy for developers to write great, testable code - the way it was meant to be.

James Rice

Interaction Design: James Rice

Intuitive ease of use is what Finanscapes is all about. It's a key differentiator for us, and a passion for me.

Check out some of my other interaction design projects here.

Lynsey Bowen

Marketing: Lynsey Bowen

Whatever the size or shape of your business, marketing is one of the key factors to successful growth. I specialise in marketing strategy and digital marketing to maximise visibility and inbound traffic, as well as providing people with the information they need to make an informed decision when they get here. I also run Elbow Marketing.


Finanscapes is under constant development - simplifying the user interface, adding extra insights and new functionality. In September 2014 we launched version 2 - a major rewrite to make it even easier to visualise the key numbers for your business.

Our enhancement roadmap is driven by you - feedback from users and experienced business mentors. We've got some things on the go at the moment (but email us if you've got any better ideas):

Company Information

Finanscapes® is a brand of Eighth Wonder Ltd:

Eighth Wonder Ltd

Dovedale House, 73 Wilson Street, Derby  DE1 1PL Company Number: 07794248