Announcement: Finanscapes Goes FREE

4 January 2017

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch; but for now at least, that doesn't apply to forecasting software.

Ever since we launched Finanscapes it's been a paid-for tool to help young businesses. And even though it was originally focused on the UK market, we've now got customers from literally across the world - from Brazil to China, from the US to India. Entrepreneurs from all over the globe use it to create their forecasts and make better decisions about their new business - encouraged by Mentors and Business Advisers who have seen exactly why cash flow forecasting is so important.

One of the strengths of the tool is that you can Clone a forecast as many times as you like, tweaking things and trying out new ideas or revenue streams without changing the main version. Well we obviously do the same here at Eighth Wonder, and came up with a new business model that allows us to offer Finanscapes totally free to users.

We've updated the back-end systems so that, for the foreseeable future, anyone registering a new account will have unlimited access to Finanscapes, forever. That applies whether you've come to the software directly, or you've been invited by your Mentor. We've obviously applied the same to all of our valued existing users - so next time you log in you'll see that there is no-longer an expiry date to your subscription. And obviously we're a decent bunch so we're contacting anyone who has recently paid for access and giving them a refund :)

We can't be sure we'll retain the new model forever, so if you're in doubt it's safest to sign up now while the free pricing stands. While we can't promise to keep the software free to new users forever, we can promise that if you sign up now you'll retain your free access to all of the current functionality, even if we re-introduce a fee for new users later-on.

Happy New Year, and good luck building your business in 2017!

P.S. If you're a mentor or adviser please get in touch once you've registered. We've made support organisation accounts free too, but there's a bit of setup required at our end for each new organisation so you can see your clients' forecasts. Don't worry, it's free and quick to do.

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